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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Sneak Peek Inside Wifey’s House

Well, actually, we’re peeking inside my sister’s house today. My favorite and only sister, Nicole, gave birth yesterday to my beautiful niece, Haven Lorraine Shelton.

Isn’t she just perfect?

Sweet little Haven and her favorite Auntie Lolo
(yes, I'm just a tad excited; and no, I really couldn’t smile any harder)

I’m happy to share that both mommy and baby are doing really well and should be home for me to spoil soon. Congratulations Nicole and Corey! Welcome to the other side …

Winks & Smiles
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While The Boys Are Away The Girls Will Play

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Sneak Peek Inside Wifey’s House

After enjoying a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, and a much needed break the following day, we at Wifey’s House were up and into things again over the weekend. Yesterday, while Husband took Miles to see his first professional football game, Milan and I stayed behind to have a little Princess Tiana pamper party compliments of Carol’s Daughter.

Yes, I’m a football fanatic, too, but there were only two tickets to be had and Milan and I would rather pamper ourselves silly than scream at missed tackles and touchdowns. And that’s exactly what we did. Well, sort of. Milan got the best of this little spa day with some of the products from The Magical Beauty Collection by Carol’s Daughter celebrating Disney’s newest animated film, “The Princess and The Frog” and their first African American princess, Tiana.

Little girl was super excited to put on her new CD, “Disney The Princess and The Frog: Tiana and Her Princess Friends,” and get her hair washed and condition in a bubble bath using products with her favorite princess on the bottle. “I know her, Mommy,” she reminds me, and everyone else, that she and Princess Tiana are best buds.

I was super excited because of the natural ingredients and quality that’s synonymous with Carol’s Daughter products. And, I’m pleased to say The Magical Beauty Collection delivered. Each product features an inspirational message tying-in the values and lessons that Tiana learns in the movie. As a mom trying to instill high self-esteem and positive messages into the impressionable mind of a six year-old, I LOVE that. We tried the shampoo (The Beauty Within), the conditioner (Inner Shine) and the bubble bath (Sharing Means Caring). They all passed my little diva’s smell test (she won’t get near anything that is too fragrant or even mildly offensive) and mommy’s safe test (everything was natural, gentle and left her clean and happy).

Princess Milan after her day of pampering

We were having so much fun we decided to paint her nails ...

… and toes, too.

Miles at his first NFL football game

Husband and Miles at the Georgia Dome

Thanks to our good friend, Ron, for giving Husband and Miles the tickets to get out of the house so Milan and I could enjoy our princess time; and a special thanks to Carol’s Daughter for sending us The Magical Beauty Collection. Little girl is ready to make princess pampering part of her regular routine.

Winks & Smiles,
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The Stars Are Out at Wifey’s House

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Sneak Peek Inside Wifey’s House

Not only did both of my children participate in our church’s Christmas play this year – my little angel Milan played just that and Miles was a cowboy shepherd (don’t ask) – but someone else from Wifey’s House had the starring role: Milan’s favorite doll Victoria lit up the church as baby Jesus.

The three stars posing for the paparazzi after a stellar performance

My little angel proudly displaying her own little star

This is the second year in a row that a doll in Milan’s collection has been cast as the most important child born to man. I’m just glad they didn’t pick her peeing Baby Alive that she always forgets to diaper.

Winks & Smiles,
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Sugar, Sugar

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Sneak Peek Inside Wifey’s House

Apparently, I’m not only in training for a marathon, but for The Sugar Coma Tour, too. That’s right, it’s a good thing I’m continuing to log miles in my journey to run my first marathon because I am also doing an excellent job logging sugar. Gasp!

When my good friend The Broke Socialite (TBS) sent me an invite to be a Sugar Baby on her upcoming Sugar Coma tour I immediately responded – "Um, Yes! You had me at Sugar."

This is the one time of year that I completely and willingly allow myself to indulge in my undying love for sugar. During the holidays I bake, and eat –ahem, all the sweets I desire: pound cake, Christmas cookies, key-lime pie, cheesecake, and just about anything having to do with chocolate.

Mmm, Chocolate Cream Pie! One of my favorites!

So, to say TBS has good timing with her upcoming Sugar Coma Tour is an understatement. On January 16th, 2010, she is hosting some of her friends in social media (and real life, too) on a whirlwind tasting tour of some of Atlanta's bakeries, cupcakeries and sweet spots. We'll meet pastry chefs, taste new recipes and enjoy the venues. This is the first of several swanky soirees the fabulous TBS is planning and guess what ... if you live in the Atlanta area there’s opportunity for you to be involved, too! Visit TBS here to learn more details.

How about you? Do you have a sugar – or sweet tooth, too? What’s your favorite sweet to eat during this time of year? Sugar Mamas want to know …

Winks & Smiles,
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Harmless Flirting

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wifey's Weekly Q and A

Dear Wifey:

I’m a happily married woman, but I think I have a crush on my daughter’s doctor. He’s new to her pediatricians’ office, young, attractive and attentive. He seems genuinely interested in what I have to say. I would NEVER cheat on my husband; I love him, but am I wrong to flirt with the doctor?

- Mrs. Harmless Flirting

Dear Mrs. Harmless Flirting:

It depends what you consider flirting. You are not the first or only woman to ogle at their baby’s doctor. Mommy crushes are quite popular, especially with “young, attractive, attentive” men that are servicing you in some capacity – your dentist, your mechanic, your son’s T-ball coach or the hot guy serving you Starbuck’s on your way to work.

Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean that you don’t notice good looking men anymore. It’s harmless as long as you keep it in perspective and don’t cross any lines. In no way should your actions, or his, stray away from the doctor-patient relationship. You’re married, but you’re still human. Enjoy the doctor’s visits, but get your real flirt on with your husband.

Winks & Smiles,

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How about you? Do you ever find yourself flirting with the hot guy in the car pool line? Have you ever had a mommy crush? What do you consider crossing the line? Wondering wives want to know ...

The advice on this site is intended to be helpful, but is not meant to take the place of marital counseling, legal advice, financial advice or any other professional service. If you feel you need professional help, it is encouraged for you to get some.


Chattin’ it Up on The ChatterBox Show

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tomorrow morning I get to talk to one of my favorite people about one of my favorite things! That’s right, I’ll be chattin’ it up on The ChatterBox Show with my BlogRollin’ partner, Christie, and her guest the ever so knowledgeable and funny Charles Orlando. The topic: the best and worst spouse holiday gifts.

The show airs live on Blog Talk Radio tomorrow, Monday December 14, at 10 AM EST. Click here to join us!

Winks & Smiles,

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Husband's Holiday Cheat Sheet

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wifey's Weekly Q and A

Dear Wifey:

I love my husband but he didn’t pick out good Christmas presents for me last year. This is our first Christmas married and I would really love to get something that I might actually like. He hasn’t asked, but I want to give him a list. Is that wrong?

- Mrs. Wish List

Dear Mrs. Wish List:

No, it is not wrong to give your husband a “wish list” or "cheat sheet" to steer him in the right direction. Not everyone was born with a fabulous-shopping gene so feel free to help him out; just make sure you don’t insult him or let him know how bad he bombed last year. The last thing you want to do is crush his ego. Suggest that you both make wish lists to make things easier on each other. If he’s not a shopper he’ll probably welcome the idea leaving the two of you less stressed and much happier as you open presents, that you'll truly enjoy, under the tree.

Winks & Smiles,

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How about you? Do you help Husband with hints for your holiday gifts? Wondering wives want to know ...

The advice on this site is intended to be helpful, but is not meant to take the place of marital counseling, legal advice, financial advice or any other professional service. If you feel you need professional help, it is encouraged for you to get some.


Bayou Bound

Monday, December 7, 2009

Yup, I’m hitting the road again, well actually I’m flying (courtesy of Air Tran) with my BlogRollin’ partner, Christie, the good folks at Everywhere, and the rest of the Macy’s Path to Peace digital outreach team to take part in an unprecedented LIVE on location #gno tomorrow night, Tuesday, December 8 at 9 PM EST, in New Orleans.

The fabulous Jyl Johnson Pattee, founder of #gno and Mom It Forward, will join us for the Macy’s Rwanda Path to Peace in-store at Macy’s Lakeside at 6 PM (CST) and to host her renowned Girls Night Out twitter party LIVE from NOLA celebrating holiday giving.

If you are in or near New Orleans please come out and join us live – I’d love to say hello! If you aren’t in the area you can still party with us by using Jyl’s custom tweet grid. We’ll also be USTREAMing so watch for tweets with the link.

Wait, there’s more. We’ve got some goodies to giveaway …

Make sure to visit Mom It Forward here to enter to win the Path to Peace Prize Pack from Macy’s ($250 retail value).

Good Luck and I hope to see you live or on-line tomorrow night!

Winks & Smiles,
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Me Tarzan, You Jane

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wifey’s Weekly Q and A – Sort of

Earlier this week I received a tweet from the fabulous Aliya S King inviting me to weigh-in on a post she wrote about marriage. Since she’s such a talented writer I quickly popped over to see what she had going on.

Her post, Is My Husband the Boss of Me?, tackles the classic me-Tarzan-you-Jane-can-my-husband-tell-me-what-to-do-cause-I’m-an-independent-woman question through her entertaining and funny recap of her husband’s class reunion. Her dilemma: what to wear, what to wear!

I, of course, ahem, shared my two-cents in her comments and invite you all over to read her post and weigh-in as well. It’s a good read, posing a good question, Is My Husband the Boss of Me?

Winks & Smiles,

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Tackling the Big "M"

Monday, November 30, 2009

A Sneak Peek Inside Wifey's House

I'm tackling the Big "M." No, not marriage (although I do that on a daily basis). No, not motherhood (that’s already the story of my life). And, no, not menopause (I know, I’m know, my kids’ friends call me “ma’am” now but I’m still not old enough for the change). I’m talking about the other big M … a marathon.


Yes, I’m going to run in my first marathon; and no, I haven’t completely lost my mind. Well, maybe just a little bit. I hoping to lose a few pounds, too, but my main reason for doing it is for the challenge. I want to do something that I think is incredible, that not that many people can say they’ve done (as few as 1 percent of the population) and something that will benefit my body and my mind.

I’ve always thought that running is sexy … and something that I couldn’t do. I used to look at other people run and wish that I could do that. I remember watching a television program and seeing a disabled gentleman with no legs run a marathon and thought, hello, if he can do it, and he has no legs, there’s no reason why I can’t, too. That sparked my first run in 2004 and it’s been an exciting journey ever since. I’ve run the AJC Peachtree Road Race, the world’s largest 10K race, four times; and in 2005 I proudly completed a half-marathon, that’s 13.1 miles.

Here I am still standing after 13.1 miles!

Running that half-marathon had such a huge impact on my life. It showed me that I can do anything that I set my mind to. Before my kids were born I was the laziest person on earth, and I smoked cigarettes, too. Gasp! No one and I mean no one would ever guess that I would have run down the street, let alone a half-marathon. Afterwards I felt good, I looked good, ahem, and it boosted my confidence. It also did wonders for my post-baby-sex-drive, but that’s a whole other post.

It’s time for a new goal; a new challenge and to get to get my body and mind back in top shape. Today I’m starting my 16-week training program to run in the ING Georgia Marathon on March 21, 2010. I will make sure to keep you updated on my progress over the next 4 months and welcome any tips, tricks and support.

How about you? When’s the last time you set a challenge for yourself? Motivated mamas want to know …

 Winks & Smiles,
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Tyra, Tiana and the Perfect Tea Party

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wifey Travels

When I opened my e-mail a week ago and saw the invite from the fabulous folks at Walt Disney World asking if my little princess, Milan, and I were available to attend an exclusive Tea Party celebrating the release of the upcoming movie, The Princess and The Frog, I had to read it twice. The first time I was so excited at the thought of bringing Milan with me for this wonderful experience that I missed an important part of the e-mail: the tea party will be featured on The Tyra Show celebrating Princess Tiana, Disney’s first African American Princess. I quickly responded yes. These two princesses would be honored to hang with Tyra and Tiana at their perfect little tea party.

Having just been to Disney for their African American Mom Blogger Mixer, I knew that my friends there would take great care of me and Milan. Disney doesn’t just do things; they do things big – really BIG. They flew us in this past Thursday night so that we would be comfortable and rested for the tea party on Friday.

Milan and I at the Atlanta Airport ready for our first mother-daughter trip

Two princesses playing on the plane

I was super excited to learn that we were staying at The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa – it's Walt Disney World Resort's flagship hotel and when I tell you it’s fabulous, trust me, you feel like a princess there.

Milan, and her doll, in the lobby at the Grand Floridian

A special surprise our Disnesy friends left for Milan

The beds in our room were super cozy

Need I say the flat screen stayed on Milan's favorite channel - Disney

The view of one of the pools from our patio

The tea party taping wasn’t until Friday evening so Milan and I had all day to play in the parks. Her choice, Magic Kingdom, of course. This princess had other princesses to find.

Standing with Snow White

Hanging out in Ariel's Grotto

Chillin' with Aladdin and Jasmine

She even found her own Fairy Godmother

Milan is also a thrill-seeker so we had to ride some rides, too!

Having a blast on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

Gasp! Someone let her drive at the Tomorrowland Speedway

Mid-afternoon we headed back to the resort to get princess-beautiful for the big event. On our way to the tea party we met up with Leigh from Theme Park Mom  and Stefanie from Mommy Musings and their little princesses.

Milan and her new pals - notice the princess wave

The party took place in Magic Kingdom outside at the beautiful Swan Boat Landing, near Cinderella’s Castle. Upon arrival the little princesses were given Princess Tiana tiaras and t-shirts. We mommy princesses received tiaras, too.

Cinderella's Castle - breathtaking!

The princesses have arrived

Approximately, 15 moms and princesses had a fairytale evening filled with yummy treats, dancing, and exciting surprises. One of the highlights for my little princess was Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen, of course. They hosted this lovely event and were absolutely phenomenal with all the girls. Everyone was also thrilled when Tyra made her surprise, grand entrance and announced that she is treating us to see the movie when it opens nationwide on December 11.

Um, Yum!

Swirling & twirling

Princess Milan, Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

Tiana & Tyra

All the princesses and the royal couple

It was a wonderful adventure, and I’m so thankful that I had this opportunity to share with my daughter. I’m also excited that I can share it with you, too. This Wednesday, November 25, scenes from the tea party will be a part of The Tyra Show celebrating Princess Tiana’s debut. The show airs at 4 p.m. on CW69 in Atlanta, check here for details in your area.

Winks & Smiles,
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 A special thanks and hugs to Laura Spencer and the wonderful folks at Disney for providing us with awesome opportunity. And, a big thanks to Leigh for sharing some of her fabulous pictures.


McHappy Day: Making a Difference

Friday, November 20, 2009

This past Tuesday, Wifey’s House had the privilege of attending a McHappy Day at McDonald’s event at one the Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses. Yes, Wifey’s House. I pulled Miles, 8, and Milan, 6, out of school an hour early so that they could come with me to learn about how the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) helps more than 4 million children and their families a year, and how we could help them, too.

When I received the invite to attend this event my schedule was booked, ahem, overbooked, but there was something inside telling me to make this happen, and to bring the kids with me. (OK, for many who know me well, ahem, know that not booking a babysitter was a BIG step for me.) I want to make community service a bigger part of my life and strongly believe it’s important to instill that in our children while their young.

Miles and Milan were an easy sell. Hello, McDonalds was in the title and um, the town car they sent to pick us up made me, “the coolest mom ever!”

One step into the new 50-bedroom facility located near Emory on Gatewood Road, and I knew I made the right decision to come … and that I’d want to come back again, and again. I’m not going to bore you with all the marketing details that explain how 84 cents of every dollar donated is used to fund RMHC programs globally. Or that local RMHC chapters serve approximately 3,700,000 families each year. You can read about all that on the RMHC website here.

I want to share with you what you can’t read. What I felt when I walked through that door – love. The love and peace that flowed through that building was contagious. You couldn’t help but feel the love that came from every single person that worked or volunteered in that house. These people have made it their mission to provide assistance to families when their child is sick, to offer them a place to stay, food, transportation – a home while they are in need. What I loved most is that it was genuine. As a former entertainment publicist I can spot bullshit a song and dance a mile away, and this was the real deal.

We toured the beautiful facility and learned about how much thought and care was put into making sure it was comfortable yet safe for the children and their various illnesses.

A peek inside one of their spacious rooms

Carrie Bowden, The Marketing & Communications Director for the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities showed us their fabulous kitchen

We also had the opportunity to speak with several family members staying at the house and heard first hand how RMHC changed their lives and literally kept them off of the street while their children were in ICU fighting for their lives.

One couple had been there two weeks. Their daughter was born with holes in her heart. She was flown to Atlanta, three hours from their home, and they were left behind to get to her however they could. Well, they did, with only the clothes on their back and barely a dime in their pockets. Once their baby was settled in ICU, they were left with no where to go. A social worker told them about RMHC which literally keep this family together.

A mother staying at the house shares her appreciation

Several things this family shared with us were moving, but one thing especially struck me. The father told us that he used to walk into a McDonald’s look at the little glass donations house that sat on the counter, turn away and pocket his change. “I never thought that I would NEED the help that that box offers,” he said, choking back tears.


Today is the official McHappy Day fundraiser. I invite you to visit the RMHC web site, and follow them on Twitter (@RMHC); they’re using the #McHappyDay hash tag. I also challenge you to get involved. Next time you buy a happy meal for your kids, drop the change you get back in their donation box. All that change adds up and changes people’s lives. You can also find a local RMHC near you and donate your time. Involve your kids, talk to the staff at the house and see what they need. It could be as simple as your kids and their friends baking cookies or collecting cans for their pantry.

We chatted in one of their many Family Rooms

Me and my BlogRollin' Partner, Christie

A group shot with Carrie Salone, a McDonald's Owner/Operator (center, left) and Linda Durham, Board Chair, Ronald McDonald House Charities (center, right)

In full disclosure I must tell you, no, they did NOT pay me to write this post. I recieved a ride and a goodie bag; and actually, I’m looking forward to paying them.

Winks & Smiles,

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Photos courtesy of Marlo Herring

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